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"Martial Arts is more than Fighting...It's a Lifestyle!" 

25 Laws of MiKio SuRai
Dangerous |Honesty | Selflessness | Strength | Leadership | Respect | Heroic Courage | 
Self-Control |Humility| Spirituality | Sincerity | Courtesy | Passion | Honor | Responsibility | Compassion | Duty | Loyalty  | Wisdom | Justice | Family | Health | Character | Perseverance

Master  Anderson - Founder of MiKio SuRai Martial Arts International 

A Letter to my Students:

"I am a master student. I feel that upon my death I would have earned the name Grand Master because I would have reached and exceeded my potential in this and could no longer get any higher.  I teach my students everything to make it their own and practice it until  my teaching becomes something even better than you deem worthy. 

You can live a thousand years on this earth and still not master life let alone martial arts because it is forever evolving, therefore I will forever train in everything I do until I die and my students should do the same. To exist is to change and change is to mature so if maturing is to go on creating oneself endlessly then how can you ever truly master it. The road to success leads through the valley of humility, and the path is up the mountain of patience and time is in a student's eye of training.

No has been discovered because there isn't one. The only is being able to be blessed long enough to live a long life and to be able to pass on what you have learned in your life to someone else who is willing to listen, learn and teach what you have given them. You can only live on past this natural life through memory and lessons you have passed along to others. So there is no such thing as a bad student, only a bad teacher."

We are all made in His image and therefore can be "Like" God. We cannot be God but were were made in His image therefore "like" Him. Therefore there is nothing that we cannot achieve as long as we have the understanding of the level at which we can accomplish. We can do and be anything we want with hard work and time. If you understand this than you know that you have the ability to be a great person and the person that you were meant to be. Our spirits, life, and being are like fingerprints. There are no duplicates. You will reach your full potential mentally, spiritually, and physically by following our 25 laws.


Master Anderson