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Martial Arts is more than fighting... 
It's a lifestyle! 

In the Dojo the atmosphere is positive, no matter the child or what the day has brought. We focus on the needs of each child and handle him or her with patience. Martial arts is important, but teaching children that "martial arts is more than fighting, it's a lifestyle" is our goal.

Master  Anderson
Founder of Mikio SuRai Martial Arts International 

Master Myloreal's Experience
      Anderson is a recognized Martial Arts Master and Life coach in the world of Martial Arts. Through his experience and training of over 25 years. Master has earned multiple black belts in the following arts: Kenpo, Nine Dragon Karate, Samurai Art/Kendo/ Traditional Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, and Hapkido.  Additionally, Master became a Certified Instructor in McKinnon Defense/ Personal Protection, Boxing/, Muay and Krav Maga.   

     As Master continues his personal training in Kuk Sool Won, BKF, Judo and Kung fu, he wanted to give back to the community, his future and current students a style that would bridge the gap between traditional and new age martial arts, while keeping the teachings of  the true essence of martial arts he has found his own expression of martial arts through his years of training. Mikio SuRai allows you to apply martial arts to real life.  This style teaches  the importance of family, morally upright standards of living, survival and tactical training. 

      about the style is that just like life, it's always evolving enabling you to adapt to any situation.  It's a true style that nurtures the heart, mind, body and soul of a person, by encompassing his 25 laws for life, thus establishing in 2010, MIKIO MARTIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL. 

Master style teaches that martial arts is more than fighting, It's a lifestyle


  SuRai - 6th Degree Black Belt
Master / Founder

State Camp of Georgia 2012

Boxing and Kickboxing - Over 15 years
Muay Thai - Over 10 years
Samurai Art / Kendo / (Traditional) Jiu-Jitsu - Black Belt
 "Honorary Successor of the late "Shihan Hiroshi Sensei"
Nine Dragon Karate - 5th Degree (Master) Black Belt
Traditional American Karate -  3rd Degree Black Belt
Kenpo - 3rd Degree Black Belt / Instructor / 
Elite Council member and one of the GA Representatives of Kenpo
BKF Black Karate Federation 
( Working towards Black Belt) 

Kuk Sool Won - Studying 
ATA Taekwondo - 1st Degree Black Belt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Blue Belt
( Working towards Black Belt) 
Krav Maga - 3 years
Shaolin Kung Fu - Black Belt 
Aikido - Black Belt
Hapkido - Black Belt 

McKinnon Defense / Personal Protection
Certified Instructor


First martial art style I started in 1990 / First Instructor Terry Hotchkin

To all of my students from 
 I am a master student. I feel that upon my death I would have earned the name Grand Master because I would have reached and exceeded my potential in this and could no longer get any higher.  In   I teach my students everything I make it own and practice it until  my teaching into something even better that you deem worthy. You can live a thousand years on this earth and still not master life let alone martial arts because it is forever evolving, so I will forever train in everything I do until I die and my students should do the same. To exist is to change and change is to mature so if maturing is to go on creating oneself endlessly then how can you ever truly master it. The road to success leads through the valley of humility, and the path is up the mountain of patience and time is in a student's eye of training. No has been discovered because there isn't one. The only is being able to be blessed long enough to live a long life and to be able to pass on what you have learned in your life to someone willing to listen, learn and teach what you have given them. You only live on through memory,   and lessons you have given them. So, there is no such thing as a bad student just a bad teacher.

Sincerely Master Anderson

Master Believes

  “I believe that we are all made in His image and we can be like God.  We cannot be because we are not Him.  But, if we are made in His image, there is nothing that we cannot achieve, as long as we have the understanding of the level at which we can accomplish.  We all can do anything that we want to do through time and hard work.  If you understand that you can't be like someone else, you have the ability to be the best that you can be.  Then, you have the ability to be a great person, or the best person that you were already meant to be.  Our spirits, our life, and our being just like a fingerprint.  There is no one else like us.  And if you understand that we are imperfect, then you have to also understand that we all have a cap of how great we can be and all of us are going to be great on different levels.  
So, if you follow the 25 laws, then you can reach your full potential mentally, spiritually, and physically.  These laws are: dangerous, honesty, selflessness, strength, leadership, respect, heroic courage, self-control, humility, spirituality, sincerity, courtesy, passionate, honor, responsibility, compassion, duty, loyalty, wisdom, justice, family, health, character,  and perseverance.”

Master Anderson